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Lakes Collection

For many, a trip to the lake is the ultimate relaxing getaway. Whether for fishing or paddle-boarding, swimming or waterskiing, walking or sitting along the water's edge, a lake's calming effect has the power to throw one back to an earlier time. It is for you lake lovers that we have decided to launch our Lakes Collection. While it is currently a small one, it is growing by the month. Our latest lineup includes: Blue Lake (Ontario), Crooked Lake (MI), Douglas Lake (MI), the Great Lakes, Flathead Lake (MT), Lake Charlevoix (MI), Lake George (NY), Lake Kiowa (TX), Lake Michigan (MI), Lake Waban (MA), Louisa Lake (VA), Newfound Lake (NH), Pickerel Lake (MI) and Walloon Lake (MI). This collection will continue to grow and include other favorite lake spots you have told us you love most.

Featured below: Walloon Lake