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We Care, We Give

We love our oceans and wide-open seas and are committed to keeping them cleaner & safer. Therefore, every time you buy a Borderline product, we donate a percentage of profits to Ocean Conservancy. It's the least we can do. 

Other ways the Borderline brand is making a difference? We stopped buying plastic water bottles for our studio two years ago. If we're thirsty, we pour some filtered water into one of our favorite Duralex glasses. 

When we're on the go, we drink from refillable water bottles vs. single-use ones. Purists at heart, we prefer the taste of water in glass, so we carry Voss water bottles (carefully, of course), which we rewash and reuse.

You might notice that more and more of our Borderline pieces are arriving in FedEx's brown boxes vs. the classic white ones. Why? The brown boxes are used for the FedEx Ground program, so they're getting to you by truck vs. plane, generating fewer greenhouse gases in the process. And hopefully they're being delivered in one of FedEx's all-electric trucks, reducing the carbon footprint even further.