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Borderline is a collection of simple, modern accessories depicting borders of the world. Borderline takes the natural contours of small towns and states, countries and continents, islands and lakes and carefully crafts them into highly detailed, unique pieces of jewelry. The unisex jewelry line includes bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks and key chains in sterling silver, brass and gold. 
The Inspiration. The idea for Borderline stemmed from our love of traveling, as well as an interest in celebrating our heritage. After visiting a beloved spot, we would often search for a special memento that reminded us of the new places and people we discovered and came to love. When we realized the choices available were ordinary and few, we decided to launch a collection of our own. We wanted to create pieces that were simple and beautiful and celebrated who we are, where we are from, and where we have been.
Our Borders. We launched Borderline Jewelry with just two borders--the U.S.A and Switzerland (the countries of which we are citizens)--and are slowly making our way around the world. Our current collection includes close to 150 borders. (To see a complete list of our available borders, just click on the "border" dropdown menu shown with any one of our jewelry pieces.)

Our New Home Line. Due to the success of our Borderline Jewelry line, we recently launched Borderline Home and a brand new collection of fabulous Bath and Beach Foutas. The 100% cotton towels are made in Tunisia and perfect for the bath and the beach. Available with beautifully embroidered borders of the world (and without), the lightweight towels are perfect for tossing in your weekend bag.
Happy Travels!
Melissa & Stephan