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Our Standard Medallion Sizes:

Our Round Medallions are available in Small (approximately 17mm) and Large (app. 20mm). We have introduced a Mini size medallion, but it's not available for every border. Please email us if you'd like to know if your border of choice is available in our 12mm mini medallion.

If you're interested in a larger, chunkier medallion, we can make a 25mm medallion via special order for an up- charge.

The small size is about the size of a dime, large is about the size of a nickel and x-large is about the size of a quarter. 

Our Oval medallions are available in Small (@ app. 23mm) and Large (@ app. 26mm). If you're interested in an oversized oval, we can make a 32mm via special order for an up-charge. 

Please email us if you are interested in the x-large medallions or a custom size of your choice.

Our standard Silhouette medallion is anywhere from 20mm to 24mm at its widest or tallest point, depending on the shape and orientation of the border. We offer a Mini Silhouette (app. 9.5mm) of some of our borders. Please email us if you are interested in a mini medallion.

Choosing the Right Bracelet Size for Your Wrist:

Wrap a tape measure around your wrist (either above or below the wrist bone). The tape measure should be touching your wrist all the way around without suffocating it. Make note of the measurement and add app. 1/2" to determine your bracelet size (e.g., if your wrist measure 6", a size 6.5" should be the correct size for our chain-style bracelets). If you don't see the bracelet size you come up with on our drop-down menu, email us and we will adjust the measurement for your order.

 Choosing the Best Bangle Size For Your Wrist:

A bangle that's too big can slip off your wrist. A bangle that's too small might not make it over your hand. To find the bangle size that's best for you, follow these instructions:

1) Make a closed fist
2) Measure from the center of your pinky knuckle to the center of your index finger.
3) Select closest bangle size to your measurement.