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Aqua Flat Fouta
Bath & Beach Foutas (Sans Embroidery)
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Chartreuse Flat Fouta
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Light Grey Flat Fouta
Ocean Flat Fouta
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Bath & Beach Foutas (Sans Embroidery)


Borderline Jewelry is excited to announce its first foray into the Home category with a beautiful line of artisan Bath & Beach Foutas hand-loomed in Tunisia. Available in a Flat & Honeycomb weave, you can use these 100% cotton towels on the beach or in your bathroom, thrown on the table or over a sofa, even as a scarf or sarong. Spotted all over the beaches of Europe this past summer, these 40" x 80" handcrafted beauties are super lightweight and perfect for tossing into your travel bag. Our fantastic foutas dry way faster than a traditional terry towel, and the more you use them, the softer they become. These Flat & Honeycomb Foutas are not embroidered with borders of the world, but If you'd like to check out our collection of Embroided Bath & Beach Foutas, click here.

Washing Instructions: You can machine wash your fouta using cold water. While machine drying won't damage your fouta, we prefer hanging our foutas out to dry.