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This page is dedicated not to the founders of the Borderline Jewelry business but to the generous group of people who have founded borders in our collection, including those borders listed below. Our Founders feel passionately about and connected to their borders, perhaps because they were born there, currently reside there, fell in love with the landscape and people there, work tirelessly to show their support there, or simply because a border holds a special place in their hearts. Whatever the reason, we thank all of our Founders from the bottom of our hearts for getting behind these lands they love and launching them so that you, too, can wear them with pride. If you are interested in becoming a Founder of your beloved border, please email us for details.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to our Founders... 

MOLLY HULL, Sauvie Island, OR"We raised our two daughters on Sauvie Island which is an island at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers in Oregon. We moved off the island recently and our grown daughters hold this place where they were raised dear to their hearts. I would love to give them a necklace in the shape of the island. It would be a gift they would treasure, I know."

MARCI & MICHAEL F., South Africa

JILL M., Aruba & Sea Island, GA

JACQUELINE D., Kiawah Island, SC

ANGELA R., Newfoundland

STACY RIDI, Cape Breton Island

ANNE & PATRICK, Maldives: "We spent a magical week on a boat, scuba diving through the Maldives--seeing things we have never seen in other waters and experiencing dives we had never before tried. The waters are magical--full of color, light, life and mystery. After a week at sea we landed at our ultimate oasis--Huvafen Fushi--where we spent another week exploring, enjoying the cuisine and learning about local customs. The Maldives are a treasure, and we are very blessed to have this country forever in our hearts!"

ERIC & ANDREA FLYNN, Jost Van Dyke: "We spent our honeymoon sailing in the British Virgin Islands and, among the gorgeous islands and anchorages we visited, Jost Van Dyke holds a special place in our hearts. A favorite memory includes a lazy afternoon sipping Painkillers from the Soggy Dollar Bar while swaying in a hammock among the palm trees lining White Bay. For us, there is no better place in the world to escape everyday life and feel completely at peace."

EMIKO NEITHERCUT, Great Lakes: "I grew up on the Great Lakes...winters in Chicago and summers in Northern Michigan. Nothing feels like home like the Great Lakes."

STEPHANIE & JAMES HALL, Fishers Island: "An unspoiled paradise!"

NICOLE WELLER, Nevada. "I remember year after year my grandparents saving change, my grandfather wrapping coins, and my grandmother giving me dollars for my change before their annual trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. The trip was their passion, and they always went with the same group of people (with a few add ins each trip). The final trip was one of great determination for my grandfather, as he insisted on going even in poor health. He needed this trip, and I remember dropping my grandparents off at the airport and wishing them the best of luck at the slots. While this was the final trip for my grandfather (and much of the group they traveled with has passed on or can no longer travel), I wanted to solidify a memory that, in some small way, we all took joy in. I decided in 2012 to reignite my grandfather’s memory in Las Vegas by getting married there; and in my heart I know that, even though he couldn’t walk me down the aisle, he was right there with me every step I took. As the annual trip has come to a close for one generation, it has passed on to the next; and my husband and I plan on returning to Las Vegas, Nevada every two years to enjoy and renew the memories Nevada holds for our family. With this founding of Nevada, we can all carry a little piece of my grandfather until we return again."

CRAIG SCHWARTZ, Ireland and Italy: "Where it all began...Slainte, Bella."

TOM GRAHAM, Norway:  "To Inger Marie Larsen Graham who was born and raised in Norway and has shown me most of the her beautiful country. To anyone else, don't miss Norway before you die."

ANNA & JOHN KEYS, Malawi: "Anna and I met in Malawi (where Anna is from), fell in love, and married. We live in New York now, but Malawi is still very special. Malawi's education system is terrible, and Anna always wanted to do something about that. Anna created a nonprofit organization here in the US, called Maloto (which means dreams in the local language) whose mission is to help improve the lives of women and children in Malawi. Through hard work, good luck, and some very generous supporters, Anna has built an internationally accredited high school that opened three years ago and now has 150 students. Anna is also supporting the Kwithu Women's Group, which helps vulnerable women and children improve their lives. We wanted to honor Malawi and its people through Borderline's beautiful jewelry pieces. Now, Malawi will always be close even though the physical distance is great. We are proud to be a founder!"

ROMA FEDOR, Pennsylvania: "I was born in Pennsylvania, grew up there and have lived there my entire life. And I love the state I live in."

MICHAEL FEDOR, Australia: "When my daughter Cristen was in college in Pennsylvania, she had the opportunity to participate in an exchange semester on Australia's Gold Coast.  Upon her return to the States, Cris announced that after graduation from West Chester University, she would be returning to Australia and completing her graduate studies there.  I should not have doubted it for a minute, because two months after graduation, Cris was on her way to Melbourne.  Since then, my son Brandan and I have had the pleasure of vacationing in Australia several times, visiting with Cristen in Sydney and Cairns.  Each trip to Australia has been a delightful adventure, and I plan many return trips to explore more of the beauty of the country and to dive again at the Great Barrier Reef."

ELLEN BARONI, Switzerland