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How to Order

Just in case it's not totally clear, we wanted to clarify the ordering process on our site. As much as we would love to, it is currently not possible for us to show you every border in every style. So when you go to place your order and you select your border or style, don’t worry if the image on the left does not reflect your specific selections. We promise your order will be processed based on your selections and will arrive exactly as ordered. And if we only show your favorite border in an oval bracelet style, let's say, and your preferred style is a round medallion necklace, not to worry. If your border shows up in the drop-down list in the style you've selected, it means it's available. Because many of our pieces are made to order, delivery can sometimes take up to 3 weeks. It can take longer if a border style is not yet in production, and we need to create a new model. We hope that helps and happy shopping!