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Craighill Key Ring

Craighill Key Ring


We did our research and found the Craighill Wilson Keyring is a top fave in the fob department. Hence, we are now pairing their super secure titanium (left) and brass (right) rings with our meticulously crafted medallions. Whether you want to celebrate your heritage or that of your car, this fabulous key ring allows you to do so in style. 

Note: All Borderline pieces are made to order and take approximately two to three weeks to ship. If you need your piece rushed, please email us, and we will do our best to expedite your order.

*Some of our existing borders can only be made in the large round medallion (such as Hawaii), as too much detail will be lost if made in the smaller sizer medallion, while others, such as the Outer Banks, can only be made as a vertical oval medallion.

**If you don't see your Border listed in the drop-down box above, please email us with your Border choice so that we can add it to our Standby list. Or, visit the Founder's Box to become a Founder and order your border now.