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Borderline Jewelry Launches Borderline Home & Fabulous Foutas

Hamptons Honeycomb Foutas

Nearly everything we launch at Borderline is inspired by our travels and so is the story behind our Bath & Beach Foutas, the very first product offering in our new Borderline Home division. We spotted these large cotton towels spread out on the sand and grass throughout Europe over the past few summer seasons and wondered why they hadn't yet made it to American beaches, lakes and pools. After speaking to travelers about their brightly colored towels, we learned the reasons they loved them were 1) they're lightweight & perfect for tossing in a travel bag, 2) they're amply sized and ideal for lying on and 3) they air-dry 10 times faster than a terry towel. We returned home to the States and immediately began our search. While they are commonly referred to as "Turkish" towels, our beautifully made foutas are hand-loomed in Tunisia. In keeping with the spirit of our jewelry line, we offer our foutas with beautifully embroidered borders of the world. But for those of you who might want to order our foutas without borders, the choice is yours. Our foutas are available in the traditional "flat" weave, as well as with a waffled "honeycomb" weave, which is a tad softer. You can't go wrong with either. And not only can you lie on them and towel off with them (after swimming or a shower), you can also throw them over a sofa or table or wear them as a wrap or sarong. Shown here, our Hamptons Honeycomb Foutas.