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Next up? Nevada!

Thanks to Founder, Nicole Weller, Nevada has become Borderline's second state border. The Silver State holds a special place in Nicole's heart, as you can read here...

"I remember year after year my grandparents saving change, my grandfather wrapping coins, and my grandmother giving me dollars for my change before their annual trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. The trip was their passion, and they always went with the same group of people (with a few add ins each trip). The final trip was one of great determination for my grandfather, as he insisted on going even in poor health. He needed this trip, and I remember dropping my grandparents off at the airport and wishing them the best of luck at the slots. While this was the final trip for my grandfather (and much of the group they traveled with has passed on or can no longer travel), I wanted to solidify a memory that, in some small way, we all took joy in. I decided in 2012 to reignite my grandfather’s memory in Las Vegas by getting married there; and in my heart I know that, even though he couldn’t walk me down the aisle, he was right there with me every step I took. As the annual trip has come to a close for one generation, it has passed on to the next; and my husband and I plan on returning to Las Vegas, Nevada every two years to enjoy and renew the memories Nevada holds for our family. With this founding of Nevada, we can all carry a little piece of my grandfather until we return again."


  Travel Bracelet (left); Split Key Ring (right)