Silhouette pendant (28mm) necklace shown in sterling silver with polished finish, button closure, brown cord (2mm), and Malawi border charm.

Silhouette Single Strand Necklace


The ultimate in casual chic, this meticulously crafted silhouette suspends simply on a rich leather cord. Pair it with a simple T for a look of pure, understated elegance.

Note: All Borderline pieces are made to order and take approximately two to three weeks to ship. If you need your piece rushed, please email us; and we will do our best to expedite your order.

*Some borders might not be conducive to the silhouette cufflink style shown here and might need to be simplified or made in our round or oval style medallions. Also, depending on the orientation of your border of choice, the jump-ring placement might not be exactly as shown here.

**If you don't see your Border listed in the drop-down box above, please email us with your Border choice so that we can add it to our Standby list. Or, visit the Founder's Box to become a Founder and order your border now.