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We turn borders of the world into meticulously crafted map jewelry.  

Our travels to new and cherished places were the initial inspiration behind the creation of Borderline Jewelry. We often searched for something beautiful and meaningful to commemorate the destinations we discovered and came to love. A memento of the beloved lands and memories we now hold deep within our hearts. We also wanted something special that would pay homage to our ancestors, our roots, the places we call home. A token representing the passion and patriotic emotion we feel as we cheer for our favorite teams during a national competition, like the Olympics, a World Cup game or U.S. Open final. An expression of support for our homeland or home state when it suffers a natural disaster and is in dire need of help. Something simple and beautiful that celebrates who we are, where we are from, and where we have been.

We launched Borderline Jewelry with two borders--the U.S.A and Switzerland (the countries of which we are citizens)--and are slowly making our way around the world, thanks, in part, to the help of others who feel a close connection to the lands they love most. We invite you to order your favorite border, or become a Founder if it's not yet available.

All borders made in New York.